Addressing Marine Plastics: A Roadmap to a Circular Economy

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) — Global Environment Facility (GEF) Project “Addressing Marine Plastics: A Systemic Approach” invites you to a virtual launch of the new report “Addressing Marine Plastics: A Roadmap to a Circular Economy”

Webinar presentations:

Isabelle Vanderbeck, UNEP GEF Task Manager,  Project Overview
Ran Xie and Feng Wang, UNEP Circular Economy on Plastics, A Roadmap to a Circular Economy
Chever Voltmer, Ocean Conservancy, A Plastics Policy Playbook
Sander Defruyt, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Progress on Global Plastics Commitments
Fadilah Ali, Global Partnership on Marine Litter-Caribe, Marine Plastics Management in the Caribbean
Crispian Lao, Philippine National Solid Waste Commission,  Philippine National Plan of Action on Marine Litter

Wednesday 18th November 2020
09:00 – 10:30 AM EST/ 03:00 – 04:30 PM CET/ 05:00 – 06:30 EAT

This document provides an action-oriented strategy by identifying a core set of priority solutions to be implemented by targeted stakeholders from the whole plastics value chain. The recommendations proposed in the Roadmap aim to reduce the ecological and socioeconomic impacts from marine plastics, while transforming the linear “take–make–dispose” economy into a circular one. This roadmap can be used as a reference by funding agencies, governments and civil society organizations to define their respective action plans, and to scale up interventions on plastic pollution.

Join us on Wednesday 18th November 2020 to discuss what makes a roadmap systemic, including the building blocks in knowledge and experience to design and opportunities for implementing it. We will also explore how some countries are tackling the issue of marine plastics.

Our expert speakers include:

  • Isabelle Vanderbeck, UNEP GEF Task Manager
  • Feng Wang – UNEP Circular Economy on Plastics
  • Ran Xie – UNEP Circular Economy on Plastics
  • Sander DeFruyt, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Chever Voltmer, Ocean Conservancy
  • Heidi Savelli, UNEP Global Partnership on Marine Litter
  • Fadilah Ali, Global Partnership on Marine Litter– Caribbean Node
  • Crispian Lao – Philippine National Solid Waste Commission
  • Nanette Laure – Seychelles Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
  • Olivia Finch, Ellen MacArthur Foundatiion, Q & A Moderator
  • Liana Talaue McManus, GRID-Arendal, Host

Opening remarks:

  1. Leticia Carvalho, UN Environment Programme Ecosystems Division
  2. Elisa Tonda, UN Environment Programme Economy Division
  3. Leah Karrer, Global Environment Facility

Kindly contact Liana McManus regarding any inquiries about the event.