Publication list by Project component

Component 1: Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastic Economy Initiative



Type of Circulation

1. Pioneer Projects: Overview

1.1 Pioneer Project Lodestar: A case for Plastics Recycling combining mechanical and chemical recycling; project brief available

1.2 Pioneer Project Proof – plastic-based flexible packaging solution for non-food end use and food end-use applications

1.3 Pioneer Project Holy Grail – investigate the role of tracers and markers in a circular economy for plastics

2. Innovation Accelerator Programme – Impacts and learning Report

3. A Vision of A Circular Economy for Plastic

4. The New Plastics Economy - Global Commitment

4.1 Global Commitment: Main text, Commitment Definitions

4.2 Global Commitment: June 2019 Report

4.3 Global Commitment: October 2019 Progress Report

5. Plastics Pact Network

6. Synthesis Report - Evidence Base

6.1 Evidence Base: Beaumont, N.J. et al. 2019. Global ecological, social and economic impacts of marine plastic. Marine Pollution Bulletin 142: 189-195.

6.2 Evidence Base: Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastic Economy. 2019. Reuse. Rethinking Packaging.

Component 2: Ocean Conservancy

1. Landscape analysis –

1.1 Gender Assessment Report Regional

1.2 APEC 2018 Workshop Summary

1.3 Circulate Capital — Handbook Summary completed

1.4 Sum of Our Parts

2. Documented baseline on marine plastics and waste management conditions

2.2 Vietnam study — submitted National

3. Country and region specific recommendations

3.1 Global recommendations from G7 group - web version received

3.2 Labuan Bajo recommendations - draft received; submitted to Indonesia

3.3 Vietnam marine debris strategy

3.4 G20 Recommendations Region

4. Recommendations for waste management through corporate support and increased goals for recycling and use of recycled content

4.1 First set of recommendations - web publication received

4.2 Measures of Impact and Commitments from Trash Free Seas Alliance members announced in october 2018;

5. Locally appropriate marine plastic and waste management solutions 

5.1 Circulate Capital RFP

5.4 Joint Investment Fund press release

6. Volunteer monitoring protocols for measuring marine debris

6.1 Toolkit - published and received

7. Dialogue on emerging marine plastics science for Output 4.1

7.1 Global estimate of all sources of plastic debris in the ocean – summary

7.2 Ecosystem effects of microplastics in the experimental lakes area of Canada

Component 3: UN Environment Economy and Ecology Divisions

1. Stocktaking report

2. Mapping of plastic leakage hotspots by plastic size and geographies

3. First Technical Workshop proceedings

4. Second Technical Workshop proceedings

5. Recommendations report

6. Mapping of plastic leakage hotspots - Journal articile

Component 4: GRID Arendal

1. News feature 2018: Circularity – Keeping Plastic Out of the Ocean

2. News feature 2019: Circular Plastics Economy: From Source to Sea

3. GEF IWC9 Poster 1: Losses of plastics to the global environment in a currently linear economy

3. 4. GEF IWC9 Poster 2: Transforming to a circular economy to prevent marine plastics

4. GEF IWC9 Poster 3: Seeding circularity, plastics inside circles, out of soils, rivers and seas

5. Presentation 1: GEF Marine Plastics Project to GPA GPML Steering Committee, March 2018

5. GEF IWC9 Presentation 2: Circular plastics economy

6. GEF IWC9 Presentation 3: GEF Marine Plastics (A pecha kucha format)

7. Results Note

For upload when finalized

8. Experience Note

For upload when finalized

9. GEF Video on Plastics

Components 3 and 4, with Components 1 and 2

1. Strategic Framework - Roadmap for Marine Plastics